Soviet Supermarket
You are welcome in Soviet supermarket comrade! Please admire building before enter. Design is copy of Lenin's mausoleum
Lenin's mausoleum
Lenin's mausoleum.
Soviet Supermarket
In Soviet supermarket shelves are always full. Enough beef for everybody.
Soviet poster: "Five-year plan - earlier than scheduled!"
"Five-year plan - earlier than scheduled!"
Soviet Supermarket
Five year plan doesn't quite deliver 600% increase in chicken production.
Soviet poster: "Here's our profit!"
"Here's our profit!"
Soviet Supermarket
In Soviet Russia, supermarket pays YOU for food.
Soviet poster: "Build your home with your own hands!"
"Build your home with your own hands!"
Soviet Supermarket
Construction programme great success. Plenty of aisle-space.
Soviet poster: "We will get from the virgin soil rich harvest!"
"We will get from the virgin soil rich harvest!"
Soviet Supermarket
In Soviet supermaket large selection of vegetables comrade.
Soviet poster: "We will raise each of them!"
"We will raise each of them!"
Soviet Supermarket
Old cow has died. New cow being delivered by commissariat of agriculture next week.

Advertisement brought to you by Western capitalist system.
Soviet Supermarket
Due to great demand for chicken and lower than expected increase in chicken production, egg-laying chicken can be found in frozen food section. More eggs arrive after next five-year plan.
Soviet poster: "If you want to be like me, just train!"
"If you want to be like me, just train!"
Soviet Supermarket
No fat comrades. Soviet supermarket pastry section encourages healthy low-calorie eating.
Soviet poster: "Bread for the Motherland!"
"Bread for the Motherland!"
Soviet Supermarket
Lonely Soviet citizen searches for bread. Beard is for warmth; heating will be fix soon.

Oh, wait a minute, this is not Soviet supermarket...

This is England.

Photographs taken in a British supermarket (5 Jan 2010) 12 hours before one-inch of forecast snow was to fall. The British take their weather forecasts very seriously, almost as seriously as their panic-buying. The next morning, one-inch of snow proved sufficient to grind the city to a halt.

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